Restoration of the Church Clock at St Mary the Virgin

Fundraising – The Hands of Time

On June the 3rd 1919 a village referendum took place in which villagers voted for their preferred war memorial to remember all those who lost their life during the First World War. A clock for the church tower won the vote and was installed in the church on Christmas Day 1920.

National commemorations to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War will take place this throughout this year. The highlight will be a national event taking place on November 11th named ‘A Nation’s Tribute – Battle’s Over’, which Upchurch Parish Council will mark with the construction and lighting of a village beacon and the church will accompany with the peeling of the church bells.

The Parish Council, (which looks after the war memorial on behalf of the residents of the Parish), has decided that the centenary of the end of the Great War is the perfect opportunity to upgrade, modernise and preserve the clock for future generations of villagers to enjoy. This will complete the works started in 2011 when the 3 clock faces were refurbished as part of the project to renovate the church tower.

Local residents and visitors to the village have expressed their desire to make a contribution to the work as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for the sacrifice of those in the First World War, in the same way it was originally funded. The Parish Council is providing this crowd funding opportunity to those who wish to make a personal and lasting act of Remembrance in helping preserve our War Memorial for future generations of villagers and visitors to enjoy.

The village clock was provided by the residents of the village 100 years ago as a War Memorial to those who lost their lives defending our freedom and the Parish Council wishes to offer the residents today the opportunity to show their thanks and appreciation by taking part in the restoration project in a personal way. Residents are invited to ‘buy time’ on the clock face, our target is to raise an hour, or put another way 3600 seconds, to say thank you!

Please donate what you can, to reach our target, we would like each second on the face to sell for £2.35, (less than a cup of coffee), we hope you will agree this is a worthwhile and lasting way to personally say thank you from our generation, to those in an earlier generation who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

For further information and for your opportunity to give to remember those who gave their all, please visit the fund raising page here